Saturday, 7 June 2014

My Next Literary Adventure (AKA Off To Camp Again! )

 So it's the beginning of June, and I was thinking I should prepare myself for July NaNoWriMo. I have already decided that I'm going to write a chick lit/YA novel, as I wanted a break from the Spellbrooke series. I will go back to that one in November as I don't have any plans for that novel yet. My inspiration for doing this type of novel was Sophie Kinsella's shopaholic series which I really like. The twist that I am going to put on mine is that the shopaholic is a person with a disability but is also a superheroine . I am in the early planning stages at the moment and I'm glad that I'm using the time to plan so that I'm not rushing towards the end of the month to get ready for when the camp starts. Here is the synopsis so far:

Hi , I am Tiffany, I am 16, and am a shopaholic. I am also a wheelchair user (although I think of my wheelchair as my wings) . 
Follow me as I  battle queues, lifts, shopping malls and changing rooms and get a unique insight into my  life through my  diary. Welcome to my   (cool but sometimes wierd) life as I know it. Shopping is my passion, as are my friends and my cat Snowball. I  also have a special power- I am a super-heroine! who said just because I am in a wheelchair I can't help people? life is an adventure, and is there to be lived. 

There are 23 days until Camp starts, and I can't wait! It seems I am always thinking of , or doing , something related to my novels. 

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