Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Photo Reminder of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day And Month With a Small Triumph Included )

Today is the last day of March and the end of cerebral palsy awareness month. During the month, I have spread awareness like I always do. I have posted a blog entry and photos and I created a Facebook event for 25 March. I enjoyed it and I would like to thank everyone who attended the Facebook event, as well as the people who joined my page during the month . Huge thanks also go out to everyone who always support me on my page.  
Don't forget to always be aware of cerebral palsy and educate those who aren't. Here is a photo reminder of the month, and what a memorable month it was! See you next year for the same month. 
I did something today I have never done before, and that is take a screenshot with my iPad. Now I know of an easier way to take pictures ! It may seem easy, and it is really, but for me with my coordination, I thought I'd turn the iPad off by mistake, I'm glad I didn't as the screenshots look great. I must remember I can do this on my iPad. It's a great help :) 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Happy Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day , march 25 2014

Today is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day . I took some photos and made a collage , and I think it's good to make people aware, but much more research needs to be done for CP , and really instead of there being an awareness month and day, there needs to be much more awareness all year round. I have been posting on my Facebook page , Katherine Hayward my life with cerebral palsy,  now for over a year and I'm pleased how well it's going. I got a few more members today- thanks to you and to everyone who supports me there every day. I am pleased as I found a photo collage app that is easy to use and quick. It's called Instaframe. I created the photos below, and at least I didn't have to drag my fingers or do a pinching action as that is hard for me due to my cerebral palsy. I just selected the photos, chose the frame and was done. Have a great day, I can't wait til next year and I'll keep posting for the remainder if this month and every day anyway. 
I hope you like my photos! 
Feel free to share my blog entries and to tell others about my blog. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I'm the kind of person who likes supporting people (and animals), so that's why I'm sharing a recent indiegogo campaign that's important to me . Although Joey isn't my dog, I realise how important campaigning for a cause like this is, and hope the goal can be met. There's 59 days left , and I'm sharing this as Mona, Joey's owner, has been, and is, very supportive of projects in my life. If you read this and feel you want to donate, here's the link to the campaign
thanks for your interest and support ! 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Trip To The Hairdressers (With Bonus Product Review)

Yesterday  I went to the hairdressers. This may not seem like an overly big deal to a lot of you , but I have never really liked going. Yes, I like to be pampered and I like the end result , but when I was young I was very self-conscious about people seeing my scars on my head from my hydrocephalus operations. Even now I wonder how the hairdresser will react  if they're  a hairdresser I haven't seen before . Luckily I've seen this hairdresser two or three times now and she guessed I'd had operations the first time I saw her without me having to tell her , and told me yesterday I have some areas if my head where more hair has grown than others , so she gave me a cut that evened it out.  Due to my hydrocephalus and my shunt (the drainage valve and tube I have inside my brain to drain off the excess cerebrospinal fluid I have), and also due to my CP I have always had a lot of head and neck pains, and get an uncomfortable tight feeling whenever I move my head, so having my hair washed at the hairdressers is out of the question as I can't put my head back . There was a bit of an awkward moment when a sudden noise made me jump ,  (AKA my startle reflex due to CP) and the hairdresser wondered what was wrong, but Alfredo calmly explained in a simple way.  That was solved my having my hair washed during that morning's shower  When we got back, Alfredo dyed my hair (involving another full-body shower to get the dye out)  using a colour we already had. The hair dye is L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss # 565 - Berry Red.

I'm pleased with my haircut and the way the dye looks!  This post can also be found on my other blog  The Secret Dreamworld of a Disabled Shopaholic

*******BONUS PRODUCT REVIEW ********
I don't usually include reviews on this blog, but I thought I would this time, and I'll review products I like as well as ones I use due to my disabilities. I'll also post this on my The Secret Dreamworld of A Disabled Shopaholic blog (also on Blogger) .
The dye itself is the kind of colour I always tend to choose, as I like colours that are sophisticated, wearable and subtle as well as fairly natural-looking. I also like it to make a statement but not be too far off my natural colour, which is dark brown. I often think there sometimes isn't much of a selection regards hair dye colour range in any brand of dye- it's mostly light brown, dark brown or black, and I've never wanted to go blonde!, I just think it wouldn't suit me).
The creamy texture blends well , has no ammonia ( another thing I look for in a hair dye as I can't stand the stuff! ) Years ago, I used dye from this brand and it irritated my scalp. I'm pleased to say they now seem to have changed the formula as that didn't happen with this one. It has a nourishing balm  (like all hair dyes) which made my hair soft. 
I think I'll buy this again now I've tried it.