Sunday, 3 August 2014

An Odd Day of Good And Bad Things

Today has been odd, positive and negative , a mixture of good and bad, but that's life I suppose. Feeling tired and have a headache and some muscle spasms,  and my body is not interested in moving which is "my"  kind of tired, but I am feeling great about how today has gone. I worked on my second novel in the morning and afternoon for a few hours and managed to see a film too, so got to relax. People are always telling me to relax more, I know I work hard when there is something I feel passionate about and sometimes for hours, but that is just me. I am giving my novels my all. They are all still at a draft stage but are coming along. I want to publish the first one as soon as possible, and my ultimate goal is that it is published before my birthday on december 22nd. For now, I am reading. I had some bad news today too, my 90-year-old grandmother Patricia (Pat to the family) fell on a recent trip to an art gallery and sprained her wrist, I wish her a speedy recovery. I am on my 59th book of the year Ghost Girl by Lesley Thomson. There will be a review coming soon on Goodreads  and my My Reading Paradise (wordpress) blog at 
I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are in the world. 

Book 59  of 100 For My Goodreads Reading Challenge - And I Don't Plan On Giving Up Anytime Soon! 

My Grandmother Patricia Kelly , please get well soon! 

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