Friday, 18 July 2014

What I Have Done At Camp NaNoWriMo Since My Last Blog Post

Well I have been busy this week, and I'm still doing camp, but I am now editing my novel. I decided to not do one post every day, as I have been so busy, but instead just write one post summarising how the last week has been for me
The editing seems to be going well, and my word count has gone up to 39,548 words, and I am half way through proof reading and editing my novel. I have added some extra scenes and detail in, and have done a view rounds of spelling and grammar  checking. I am still keeping things constant, and working every day. There is exactly a week left now until manuscript submissions begin on Friday 25th of July, and I am very glad that, for me, the initial rush of trying to get the first draft of a novel done in a time limit is over, but the exhilaration is still there. I am so glad that I started planning my novel well in advance of camp starting, and I cannot wait to finally submit my novel for word count checking and winning!
I have also spent some time checking in with  the other campers in my virtual 'cabin ' and cheering them on. We can do this,  don't give up! 

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