Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Finally Got To Try Out The Powerchairs I Wanted

You may be wondering why I didn't write an update on my novel here  today , I was out trying powerchairs (electric wheelchairs) . After many emails to the wheelchair technician, I finally managed to try out  three: the Salsa M and Jive M by Sunrise Medical and the TDX SP by  Invacare . They are all mid- wheel drives , and on having the larger wheel in the centre they have a smaller, tighter turning radius. This was the first advantage I noticed when comparing it to my rear - wheel- drive Quickie Rumba , also by Sunrise Medical. The TDX SP and the Salsa M came as demo versions with solid tyres- something I don't like, as I find the solid tyres make for a bumpy ride, despite the suspension. The Invacare TDX demo had 50°  Tilt in-Space , which makes the whole wheelchair tilt back to relieve pressure and relax muscles, where the Salsa M had 30, and the Jive had 50 too. The standard seating on the salsa M wasn't supportive enough for me as I need a higher back . I'll transfer the Jay 3 seating system to whichever chair I get . The TDX had the largest battery at 73 amp , followed by the Jive (70 amp) and Salsa M (50 amp) . The Jive came as 10km/h as standard, and the Salsa M and  TDX SP come as 6km/h. I'm not sure what they're like at getting under tables yet as there wasn't a table to park the chair under. 
Trialling the chairs went ok until the battery on the Jive was about to go flat as the chair hadn't been charged. There followed an anxious 10 minutes where the technician was driving the chair for me (as my hands , arms and fingers were tired ) until we got back to the shop.  It wouldn't go up a curb for the same reason. 
I saw the personalised gel filling I have yet to try inside my cushion , as the standard gel I've had for the past 2 years has deformed and I did think of  getting an air cushion, but was told by the technician that that wouldn't help my posture and comfort. I also still have to try the harness to help my trunk control 
So, I'll be seeing the technician again soon I hope. 
When we got back, I updated my Facebook pages and we ate . I'm now going to read before bed as I'm very tired from today , and the tiredness is making me spasm a lot, and my whole body aches . 

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