Monday, 18 November 2013

Today I Finished My First Ever Book For NaNoWrIMo

Today has been a great day, and another prediction of mine was right- that I'd finish my book today!! I did!!! This month so far has been very busy, since it started , I planned my book for 3 days and started dictating in the 4th , and finished today.  The final word count was over 50,000 by a couple of hundred words, and it needs a little editing until I submit it, but it's done. 

 As I went through my book, I researched things in the Internet I wasn't sure about, and made notes to help me with the story. I was focused a lot of the time and when I couldn't concentrate I did something else until I had more ideas. It's taken a lot if planning, thinking, concentrating , and imagination, but I've dine it, and I'm so proud, I'm already thinking about a possible sequel, and have a book series in mind . I just think it'll be so great if I can get it published somewhere , and start selling it. It's not all about the money, I know, but I have huge satisfaction from this , and I hope someone out there will be interested enough to buy it if I can get it on the Mass Market . 

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