Thursday, 14 November 2013

Progress For The Day , Feeling Happy

Since yesterday, I've made a lot of progress, I'm now on more than 36,00
 Words , and 77 pages . Now I've got this far, I'm determined to finish. Today, after waking up and all the usual morning routine, I decided to read again, to see what I'd missed reading . I read some Pep Talks from various authors , which were useful, and posted in the 50 000 words forum, as I know that's the word limit, but I'm not sure how much I can go over that . I also posted on NaNoWriMo's Facebook and twitter  pages about this .I found an email message from a Writing Buddy, basically , someone who cheers you on during the challenge-she told me I was doing great , which made me feel great , too. I sent one back cheering her on. 

I've developed some strategies to help: I won't look at the word count or page number, just dictate , and, at Midnight, I'll dictate some words before going to bed, to up my word count for the next day, as after all  after  Midnight. Is another day , then , I'll sleep. I'll be doing that again in about ten minutes, so I'll say goodnight and update again tomorrow. 

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