Monday, 4 November 2013

My First Day of Writing My Novel (Using Dragon Dictation)

Since the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)  challenge started on 1 November, I've been planning , but today I decided I'd get my book going . I was very nervous at the start and couldn't get into it , but then just took a do breath, looked through my notes and started dictating using my Dragon Dictation. ipad app. I also have it on my computer, who knows maybe I'll use that one tomorrow. I have now devised  a system, I dictate what I want into Dragon , then copy it to Textilus, an iPad word-processing app I downloaded. I paste it there and it has a word count tool. It took me awhile today , between breaks and reading my notes, and I didn't think I'd do it, but ..,, I have now reached my word limit for today.  I was very pleased when the status bar turned green ! - I can't tell you how much !!!! . 
My NaNoWriMo account states that if I want to meet the deadline on November 30, I have to write just over 1,700 words per day . I'm so into the story and proud of what I've done so far that I feel like doing more today :) 
I also have to prepare for tomorrow as I'll be out at the wheelchair shop. 
You must be thinking : what do I do to stay focused? Well, I remember how I felt when I was at University and had finished my dissertation (thesis). I remember feeling really stuck at the beginning, but spoke to a lecturer I trusted who gave me a topic to focus on. I felt much better once I started planning , and I thought of finishing it , and I did. That was a struggle, I used Dragon Dictation then too, and my dad helped me , but I finished it. 
At the moment, I'm imagining finishing this , and I'll work as hard as I can until I do. It'll be great if it actually gets published . I'm not thinking about winning NaNoWriMo, along with others, just participating at the moment. 

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