Monday, 18 November 2013

I Dictated My Hundredth Page For My Book Today And Happy World Prematurity Day

Today  was a great day for two reasons: one was I dictated my 100th page, and more for my book. I've now done about 47, 690 words and I'm so proud. I've worked so hard for this, sometimes staying up late, and have sometimes felt Ill from the effort , with a headache and dizziness, but that happens often due to my Cerebral Palsy. I watched a film today , and I watched Avatar yesterday, but I have a little more time now as I don't have so much to dictate. 

Today is World Prematurity Day. I'm remembering my sister Natalie , who was born with me on 22 December 1981 . We were born 3 months early . I had a  grade 4 brain hemorrhage on both sides of my brain which caused spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy , hydrocephalus ( too much cerebrospinal fluid on my brain causing it to swell) , and severe eyesight difficulties . I'm in an electric wheelchair. I'm remembering other Preemies too, and especially Natalie who passed away at 9 days old due to heart and kidney problems as well as effects of prematurity . 
Please share awareness for Preemies! 

I'll update tomorrow 

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