Tuesday, 23 December 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7:How To Read 100 Books In A Year

This year, I have read 103 books. I didn't think I'd reach this target, but I wanted to try. Last year I only read 22 books, so that's a huge improvement. For those of you who don't read very much, I would like to give you some advice about how are you can reach the same target I have this year.

1) If you don't have one already, open up a Goodreads  account. The website is www.goodreads.com .

2) Decide  what you would like to read and search for each book on the Goodreads website.

3) Save  the first book that you would like to read at the beginning of the year as soon as you can on 1 January. Start reading it on 1 January as well.

4) Spend a maximum of 2 to 3 days (four if you need to) reading each book. The longer you spend reading a book, the less likely you are to keep up the pace during your reading challenge to get through other books.

5) Keep an eye on the reading challenge status bar to see whether you are on track, behind or ahead of yourself in the challenge. This will give you motivation.

Don't dwell on the fact that you have to read 100 books this year, just read at the pace I suggest and follow the steps in this post and you should be OK

Above all, have fun!

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