Friday, 19 December 2014

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3: Planning For Christmas (Or Any Event) Is Not Easy

Christmas is a happy time of year for everyone, and that involves planning weeks, sometimes months, in advance.
This year, I have been invited to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day with Alfredo's sister Sara, and her boyfriend, and Alfredo's nephew will be there too. The thing is, throughout my life I have been conscious of the fact that if I want to go anywhere, it involves a lot of planning. Not just what to take, but how to get there, what time to leave, as well as planning the quickest way as well to get there. I have never been to Sarah's house, near Toledo, Castilla - La Mancha (to the south of Madrid).
  Alfredo tells me that it is mostly accessible , apart from a large step to get into the apartment. My electric wheelchair can go up a step 10 cm high. Her boyfriend's house apparently has a tiny bathroom, but is also quite accessible . I have always felt apprehensive before I go to new places as to how accessible they will be in reality, and whether the person's description of the place will be accurate when I actually get there. This is important for me, not only to be able to get my wheelchair into places, but because it also influences whether I have a good time while I'm there or not. Boxing Day is Sara's birthday, and I would like to spend it with her as we get on really well. She is a trained physiotherapist , and has assessed me. It is so useful to have someone like this in Alfredo's family! Another thing that we have to consider is how we are actually going to get there, as I can't drive and Alfredo has to get his license renewed. Sara's boyfriend Rafa has a van he uses for his work, but are not sure whether it will be wheelchair accessible. That would be the easiest way for us to get there, because it is over an hour away, and the buses that go there are inaccessible coaches. A taxi would be extortionate . I am left feeling awkward about this, and hope that we can work something out. But, on many occasions I have to  sometimes decided that I just can't go . Alfredo and I will have our Christmas dinner before he/we go. Let's see what happens!

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