Wednesday, 7 January 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 22: Wear Green For Cerebral Palsy 2015 And Other Events

I like helping people as much as I can I despite my disabilities. That's why I occasionally create Facebook events around various themes. Last year I created an event called Wear Green For Cerebral Palsy Awareness 2014, and yesterday I created the same event  for this year. 
To participate, all you need to do is go to the Facebook page in this link

and select whether you are "going" or not. This is a virtual event, and the objective is to get as many people wearing green as possible on March 25. So, whether you have Cerebral Palsy or know someone who does, spread awareness by wearing green! 
I started to invite people to the event yesterday and will continue for as long as I can to invite people because  Facebook puts a limit on the amount of people I can invite. Please do not ignore the invitation, which will be sent to your Facebook account. True, one day of raising awareness will not make a difference  really, but as my CP is a part of me, I can't help but want to raise  awareness at any opportunity I get. 
So, if CP is important to you in some way, big or small,  help raise awareness by joining my event! Other inmportant days for me are  1 May, which is Folic Acid Awareness Day,25 October which is Hydrocephalus Awareness Day    and 1 October which is World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.  Whether  an event is worldwide or not, I will market it as worldwide, because to me it is   important  to have  as   much awareness and support as possible, from all corners of the globe.      
Here's a screenshot of the page to help you out with finding it. 

The more  people who join the better. 
See you there! 


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