Friday, 9 January 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 24: Let's Talk About Babies

Alfredo and I have been together coming up for 9 years in March, and ever since our relationship started, we've been thinking about the possibility of having a family, and have talked about it on and off. Today was the first time we talked about it again seriously, and so far I have done quite a lot of research over the years. I've had ultrasound tests , and I have been told that the possibility of me being able to get through a pregnancy is good, and that I am an  "high-risk" pregnancy because of my disabilities, and also because of the fact that I have a VP shunt in my brain to drain off extra CSF from my brain and skull because of my Hydrocephalus. The real danger with pregnancy and my shunt would be that if I was to be able to go through a natural labour, the pushing action would mean that the pressure inside my brain would rise , and I could be in danger of having shunt failure again. If this were to happen I would be incredibly ill, and would be in danger of death unless I was operated on within four hours of the symptoms of my Hydrocephalus starting.
As it so happens, I am unable to push, but the precaution has to be taken because of my CP and Hydrocephalus that I will have to have a Caesarean if I were to give birth. To me, this would not only mean the safest way of allowing me to have a child, but also mean the downside of being uncomfortable afterwards, as I heard  that many women are, and also having more scars. I thought I already had enough because of my Hydrocephalus operations, and because some of those scars are around my abdomen, they would be near the same area that I would have scars and if I were to have a Caesarean. Overall though, the idea of having more scars doesn't bother me, because I have always seen my scars as unique to me, and they show what I have been through in life. So, all we need to do is to more planning and talking to my gynaecologist and neurologist, and I have to sort up my medication situation because this won't be good for the pregnancy. Then we just wait and see! My general feeling is one of being scared and excited, but the excitement outweighs the fear by miles.
I have also always wondered about the possibility of me having twins because I am a twin. Anyway, whether Alfredo and I end up with one child or more , I'm really looking forward to the possibility of having this chapter in my life, as it is something I've always wanted. I know that Alfredo will be a great dad too.

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