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30 Day Blogging Contest Day 5: Me and Star Trek

Star Trek is something that people either love or hate. I wasn't sure what to think of it myself when , back in 1993 when I started secondary school, I met a friend who was really into it, and, before long, I found myself watching Star Trek the Next Generation episodes with her after school, and I also watched them in my own home. After a day at school, I couldn't wait to watch an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation! 
TOP LEFT- RIGHT- Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) Dr Beverley Crusher (Gates McFaddden) Worf (Michael Dorn) Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) Wesley Crusher  (Wil Wheaton) 
BOTTOM LEFT- RIGHT Geordi LaForge (LeVar Burton) Captain Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart)  Commander/ First Officer William Riker (Johnathan Frakes) Data (Brent Spiner) 

 So, why did I like it? 

I liked it it because it was something different to anything else that I had seen on TV before, and I could really relaxed as I saw the crew of the USS enterprise D  or the USS Voyager hurtling through space on their way to another mission.
 The plots are very imaginative, and the crew members are all very interesting and have their particular quirks. 

USS Enterprise NCC- 1701-D 

Favourite characters 

My favourite crew members were 

Deanna Troi, with her telepathic abilities, 

Beverly crusher, the ship's doctor, 

Captain  Picard for the way that he took charge of the crew and  the ship, 

and Geordi LaForge, the ship's chief engineer.  I thought his VISOR  was a very cool piece of equipment. 

I  can remember identifying with DeannaTroi's love of chocolate ice cream, as I was a real chocoholic, and being amazed with her skills to be able to communicate telepathically. I can remember feeling slightly uneasy about her mother, and the way that she called her'  Little One' one minute, and seemed overpowering the next.

 I would also look forward to seeing Wesley Crusher, , Beverley Crusher's  son, who I thought was actually quite hot at the time!

 Another character I think is a great  character is Guinan, played by Whoopi Goldberg.  I loved her character and eccentric dress sense 

 Star  Trek the Next  Generation cast members in films 

Whoopi Goldberg is one of my favourite actresses of all time, and I have seen a lot of films that she is in ( Ghost and Sister Act 1 & 2 are some of my favourites). Another Star Trek character I've seen in films is Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crisher). I saw him in Stand  by Me. Both characters are very food at acting, and Whoopi Goldberg has always made me laugh. 

 Other series of Star Trek 

I wasn't too keen on the Klingons or  very many of the other races in Star Trek TNG,  but it was interesting to see what their homelands and customs were like. and 

I also liked watching Star Trek Voyager. I thought it was good that there was a female captain  this time, and thought, and still do, that  Captain Kathryn  Janeway  (Kate Mulgrew)  does a great job of being in charge of the Voyager crew. I also like Deep Space 9, although I didn't see that many of those episodes. On the whole, I saw more TNG episodes than anything else. I have yet to see an episode of Star Trek Enterprise! 

Books not just TV 

 I bought quite a lot of Star Trek the Next Generation, and Voyager books. I also had the Star Trek encyclopaedia, and wish to go to a convention someday . This is something I still have yet to do, and so is read more books from all the Star Trek series. 

Continuing passion 

Nowadays, I still love the same series of Star Trek , but I've seen many of the Star Trek the original series (TOS) films, and I bought myself the TNG film DVD box set a couple of years ago, and I also have the complete TNG season one DVD set. I never got to collect all the Star Trek books in the series, but, now that I have an iPad, downloading the books is much easier than buying a whole lot of paperbacks. I don't think my passion for Star Trek ever left me, and I have also seen the most recent Star Trek films.

Question Time! 

 What do you think of Star Trek? Who is/ are your favourite characters? Why? Which books have you read? I would love some book and / or episode recommendations. I'll post a list of my favourite episodes and books soon.  
Also, take a look at my Pinterest board dedicated to Star Trek!

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  1. I enjoyed Star Trek Next Generation but my sister was (and still is) fanatical about it. She remembers every episode. lol