Saturday, 12 October 2013

Dewey's read-a-thon October 2013: hour 4


I'm now on page 579. It's 1992 and Em and Dex are on a cruise holiday round the Greek Islands. A year ago, they had a chat where it turned out Dex had been seeing various other women besides Naomi. He confessed he still had feelings for Em and wanted her to leave her job at a Mexican restaurant . Back then he was into drugs and had one hangover after another . She had had a brief relationship with another guy and got on well with a work colleague . They've decided on a set of rules if they are to get on again . I like the way this book is written and it's easy and relaxing to read. I'm finding this read a thon relaxing , as were all the others I participated in. I've commented on some other participants' blogs too. I can see there's a great atmosphere! Wonder how much I'll read by the end if the challenge?

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