Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Round The World.

All Hallows' Eve (Halloween) is world- renowned and celebrated in many cultures. In the USA. Many people dress up , and the atmosphere is shown to those of us outside the USA via films , and halloween- related animated shows (eg the Simpsons Halloween specials) . From what I've heard from people I know on Facebook, my friends and family in the USA who want to celebrate Halloween have been busy with their preparations for weeks. Only a few days ago, I was on FaceTime with my parents who told me some of my family in the USA have been to a few parties already. 
Trick or Treat (or "guising" as Wikipedia explains it's really called) , is something that's widely done in the USA , but also in the UK, although perhaps to a slightly lesser extent, although it's still a major feature of Halloween in those countries. 
More about Halloween in the UK - the shops are full of Halloween- themed products weeks in advance , and many houses will buy a pumpkin to hollow it out, carve a face in it, and place a lit candle inside . It's a very commercial event , and , like in the USA, come nightfall, children in various disguises , or parents accompanying children, will be out in the chill air knocking on their Neighbours' doors and chanting "trick or treat" as soon as the door is opened.  Halloween parties happen a lot in these countries .   Halloween was first celebrated by the Celts (Irish and Scottish) , and spread to the USA and Canada in the 19th century. From then on, it became popular and was celebrated in many places round the world (Australia, New Zealand, South America and Asia). 
can remember that for many years there was a bag of sweets (often hastily bought a short time before) that was offered, and quite often came back half - full at the end of the evening. 
In that, I suppose, Halloween in the USA and UK is very similar . 
In Spain,  it's less commercialized . There are lots of Halloween - themed- sweets and foods sold in the shops , and some disguises (mainly for children).  Trick or Treat doesn't really happen that much, so it's a quiet evening if you're not going out. There are Halloween parties too, sometimes held in people's homes, and sometimes at nightclubs or restaurants. 

However you're celebrating it, happy Halloween! 

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