Friday, 11 October 2013

Dewey's Read- a- thon October 2013

So tomorrow is the start of  Dewey's read- a- thon October 2013  . It'll be my 3rd one , and marks a year of  read-a-thon participation , and so far it's been really enjoyable . I'm being much more sociable this time , and have spent the day finding blogs to follow on WordPress and here, and already have some new twitter followers. I was originally just going to blog from the My Reading Paradise blog on WordPress, but saw there are loads of people who're participating in the Read-a- thon who have Blogger blogs , and want people to have the chance to follow my progress here .  It's almost 11 pm now and I want to get some sleep (not without reading first , of course! ) so I'm ready for tomorrow . The first book I'll be reading is One Day by David Nicholls .


  1. Prepare to cry with One Day! I'll be cheering you on in the morning, good luck and get a good night's rest!

    Team Panda

  2. One Day is very good! Thanks for your comment and have a good read a thon