Thursday, 31 October 2013

How I Spent Halloween 2012 and How I'm Planning To Spend Halloween 2013

Halloween is finally here! I don't  have the same enthusiasm as I did about it when I was a lot younger, but I enjoy seeing all the Halloween products in the shops . By the time Halloween comes around, there's a definite chill in the air, so the weather is atmospheric.
Halloween is a great oportunity for a mass "dress up" for children  (and some adults) alike. I dressed up a lot when I was younger, and can remember writing in a recent comment on someone's Facebook page in answer to the question "what was your favourite  Halloween costume?" " a pumpkin, and a witch" . 

So far today, I've watched a few episodes of The Ghost Whisperer, and yesterday I changed my blog themes to Halloween - themes. 
Last year, I didn't have a costume, but Alfredo painted my face like a cat. To do this, he just used  my black Kohl eyeliner, foundation , powder  , red lipstick and grey eyeshadow. 
We took a photo with instagram , in colour and black and white . The photo was very effective. This year, I've chosen I'd like my face painted using makeup in the style of an angel. 
We will also watch some horror films on TV or the Internet. Oh, and if you're wondering about Alfredo, he isn't a big fan of Halloween, but he's a great photographer! 

Here's my photo from last year,  which turned out to be pretty popular on Facebook! :) 
Last year, we found some Halloween muffins in the supermarket which were delicious.  Here's a photo of them too.  We couldn't find them this year. 

Wishing you all a great night tonight! 

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